December 11, 2017

Childfree Mars!!! ?

How far would you travel for a completely childfree vacation? How about a permanent childfree vacation?

The leader of a private effort to colonize Mars hopes the Red Planet’s first few pioneers don’t bring children into the world there.

Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap vi...

Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap visible on the bottom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Check out:

Private Mars Colony Is No Place for Children (Yet)





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  1. Well, as Elton John says “mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids…”. Actually, maybe Mars would be the kind of place to raise your kids. I am dedicated to childlessness on this earth in this era, but what if folks on Mars decided to have kids – because, you know, you gotta repopulate somehow – but the culture was not as fanatically kid-centric as the States today? This begs the question – would you have kids in a different culture? if I lived in a world where Chuck E Cheese did not exist and no one ever invented “The Wheels on the Bus go round and round” and if people who had children were more than “parents” maybe I would consider having kids. I would like to have had a family, but I abhor this child-centric culture.

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