December 15, 2017

Dads Are Using Their Kids’ Sporting Events to Get Out of Household Chores

“at least dads are doing something to keep kids from mucking up the house with their dirty fingernails and carelessly-brandished Ring-Pops”

OK. Lets agree to save the anthropological discussion about how men are not meant to be domesticated for another post, or another era maybe? In the meantime, perhaps someone can do a study of mens’ dorm rooms, bachelor pads and fraternity houses so we can conclusively report that MEN ARE DISGUSTING! We are the last beings anyone should want to be responsible for disinfecting! Men will give themselves double diarrhea or watch The View (or give themselves double diarrhea by watching The View) in order to avoid cleaning toilets, so “I have to drive to a swim meet while listening to (childfree) Justin Bieber songs” must absolutely be an acceptable excuse to get out of household chores. No?

Those conducting the report, or commenting about it, don’t necessarily think so:

“men aren’t making much progress in taking over some of the less-glamorous housework. “The fathers we studied,” said Kremer-Sadlik, “are finding ways to create a new ideal of fatherhood, but they are not creating a new ideal with their partners.” He added that some fathers even use sporting events as an excuse to get out of doing housework”

via Dads Are Using Their Kids’ Sporting Events to Get Out of Helping with Household Chores.


  1. nycgirl says:

    File under the Why Kids category.  Why kids? To get out of doing chores. Not a convincing enough argument for me.

  2. Doh! Is it too late to wind my biological clock back up again? I must, MUST have a child or two or three. Swim team. Lacrosse. Ice hockey. Travel teams. Select. And theater. Auditions in the city…

    This morning I woke up to discover that my Labrador Retriever, Griffin, had whizzed on bedroom floor during the night. Right in front of the doorway to the hall. The door that was closed. In other words, he’d done his best to pee outside, but the door limited his efficacy. Or something. He’d had a steroid shot yesterday afternoon, and these magic bullets unfortunately have a less magic side effect. The beast can’t hold his bowels too well. My bride had slept poorly and suggested I might clean up the mess. Right. Joy! Nice way to start the day. If only Junior had been banging on the door saying, “Dad, come quick. We have to waterski!” I might have avoided urine remediation.

    Missed opportunity!

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