December 11, 2017

Facebook Adds “Expecting A Baby” Option

Expecting a Baby: The Facebook Way

Expecting a Baby: The Facebook Way

Facebook seems to be feeling its biological clock ticking… another sign that Facebook is maturing as its original user base of college kids from 2004 start hatching little ones who can join Facebook 13 years from now. (TechCrunch)

I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge fan of Facebook. I use it. More than I’d like to. Especially when I know it’s the best, fastest, cheapest, most efficient way to connect with some family and friends. Which used to mean, “my Facebook friends” but increasingly means, well, everybody. As in, the world!

Facebook and the Mall

Facebook is sort of like the mall. I’d rather clip my toenails and pay bills than go to the mall. Really!

But I still end up going to the mall. Sometimes it’s the best way to get things done. So I suck it up, put on my Hazmat suit and goggles and wade into the madding crowd to buy, buy, buy…

Well, Facebook just became even more like the mall with it’s new parent-friendly “Expecting a Baby” option.

Malls are synonymous with kids. And so is Facebook. Which is funny if you consider it’s conception as a digital college “meat book”. It’s called evolution. On speed. From coed catalog to digital babyland.

Single, in a relationship, engaged, married and now, expecting a baby? Facebook is now encouraging people to share that next big life event — pregnancy — by adding “expecting a baby” as an option on timelines. (Huffington Post)

Is Facebook Expecting a Baby?

I’m not thinking this little nod to parents makes a terribly big difference since most every parent and grandparent on Facebook already opts for junior’s mug instead of (or at least, in addition to) the one they’d be stuck with in a police line-up. But it is certain to strike a chord with the childfree population already a bit perplexed with why our friends became their kids, already a wee bit tired of the baby play-by-plays inundating Facebook. Or maybe not… I’m wondering how this plays with you.

Do You Like Facebook’s “Expecting a Baby” Option?

Newly married Mark Zuckerberg may not be interested in your opinions, but we are. As a proud member of the childfree tribe, how do you feel about Facebook’s “Expecting a Baby” update? Is it time for a “Childfree by Choice” Facebook option?

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  1. Can I get a “Never expecting to have a baby” option?

  2. I had the exact same thought. haha

  3. One more way to be an attention whore.  Awkward when the miscarriage or unexpected happens…

  4. Ha! Guessing that Facebook won’t debut a “Never expecting to have a baby” option any time soon considering FB’s increasingly baby centric direction. Maybe we should start a petition?!?!

  5. To say the least! Wonder what that update/option looks like?

  6. I’m sick of people becoming their kids. It’s like they got to a certain age, didn’t achieve as much as they wanted, so pop out a kid and hope it’ll do better in life than they did (more money, fame, be happier). And then their whole world is based around that child which in turn breeds a selfish child. Their profile picture is no longer them but their child, their status updates are all about their child – they’ve got nothing else to talk about! They shouldn’t give up THEIR life for their child; it should be their child/ren fitting in around their existing life, not them each stopping their lives completely and switching to an entirely child-driven life. What kind of a life is that really? Just can’t stand all the nonsense that comes out when you reveal you’re not intending to be parents (kept that to ourselves until after the wedding when the questions started coming!); accused of being selfish, ‘who will look after you in old age?’, ‘who will you leave your house to?’, ‘what are you working towards then?’. Ugh. I wish it was as normal to not have them as to have them. Each to their own!

  7. Hi!.. this morning i didnt even had an idea i was to start considering this option.. not having babies.. gees.. it feels weird to say it but at the same time i feel relieved. I mean, it is not a final decision yet but something hit me today and i understood that my whole life i was trying to deny i had this option. Im not comfortable around kids, i dont get touched seeing pictures of babies.. actually pregnant women bellies annoy me a lot! .. i might sound like a horrible person but those bellies are horrible! Each time i see a picture on facebbok of a bare belly it makes me want to block that person for such a bad taste, hate the breastfeeding in public battle (sorry i dont like it, it is the equivalent of someone chewing with their mouths open) i hate baby pictures on profiles from my friends, and although i think kids are fun and cute, i only truly like them when they are happy. In any other case im not interested….more than i dislike babies I hate teenagers, i cant picture myself trying to deal with their problems in this world that get nastier every single day.

    I babysitted for a whole year abroad and it was not a pleasent experience at all, i mean the family was great and super nice . The kids were cute and all, but honestly, right now i couldnt care less how those kids are doing; I did it because i needed the money, i wanted to learn french and it was an “easy job”.

    I always hung out with the boys and never understand girls’ mentality of wanting to get married and have kids. Funny thing that I always had the idea that marriage was only a paper and you can have kids without getting married; today 12/12/12 im on a very stable love situation but feeling the complete opposite: i might get married but i dont want kids. Always thought that “it will come” that i would start wanting babies, i would seeing them with love eys but nope… hasnt happened yet. Who am i kidding? i cant force myself to like babies.

    maybe and just maybe if i get accidentally pregnant i will consider the option, but not now, for now my priority is to avoid getting pregnant. As a mexican raised catholic, i know my family and friends wont understand it but i guess i have to keep it to myself for a time until i find the way to let them know. The only thing that makes me feel better is that now i live in Europe and people here is a little tiny bit more open to understand, and hopefully my bf will understand it too. I guess this decision might change our relationship forever

    Thanks for letting me share my little rant, who knows, maybe in a few years the sense of motherhood will arrive, but for now i feel better to understand that i cant force it.

  8. Lolly, thanks for the comment and especially for your phrase, “people becoming their kids”. That’s perfect! You’re right that parents so often sublimate their own identities, ambitions, passions, emotions, appetites once they have children. You’ve nailed it exactly. I suspect that most childfree adults share your frustration and miss their “vanished” friends… 😉

  9. Wow! Fantastic feedback, @31004159d7dcb744874ba2da994638f6:disqus. The good news is that you’re in better company than you may sometimes realize. There are hundreds of thousands, probably millions of similar childfree adults all around the world wringing their hands and wondering who kidnapped adulthood. Kudos for staying strong despite social pressures. The definitely get stronger as you grow older and all of your friends begin to get pregnant. And then even stronger when your advancing age reminds you that your “window of opportunity” is closing. Am I making the right decision? Will I regret my childfree decision later? No way to know except to grow older and find out. And frankly, it seems a lot less risky to err on the safe side than to have a child “just to be safe” and find out later that you regret the choice. Parents like to pretend this won’t happen. In public. But off the record I hear it often. “I really love Jorgito, but…” Stay the course and live, live, live! And if your decision changes, embrace your new conviction that motherhood is for you. It’s all good! 🙂

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