March 10, 2018

Steady Nerves, Parents

Before there was valium or prozac, there were always dubious quack remedies to help women medicate their sometimes grim realities. (The Bilerico Project)

Vintage advertising is always good for a chuckle, but Dr. Miles' Nervine struck me as especially perfect for anxious parents. Effervescent tablets too! So you can hear and feel the mellowing magic working.

Anyone know what the stuff actually was? Brandy? Laudanum? Both probably.

I'm midstream a two week visit from two of my favorite little beings in the world. The closest I'll ever get to witnessing my own (or much of my own) DNA in youngsters. It's exciting. Exhilarating. Exhausting. And sometimes scary as hell!

I have a few observations percolating that I'll try to unravel diplomatically in the weeks ahead, but for now just a couple of quick asides.

  • Kids — especially 5 to 10-year-old kids — are wildly unpredictable marvels.
  • Even when they don't eat and sleep, kids are veritable nuclear power plants.
  • It feels really good to have little kids think you're cool and want to spend time with you even more than playing video games, watching TV, surfing on iPads…
  • Kids are staggeringly stubborn and smart and naïve.
  • Parents invent, nurture and enable some of the most frustrating children's behavior.
  • I'm 100% confident that my childfree choice is right for me, right for my bride, and very, very, very right for our unborn children!
  • Kids find it really gross when adults “kiss on the lips”, especially when “they look like they mean it”. Which, of course, makes it all the more enticing.

One more week of laboratory research to go, and then I'll fill you in on my hypotheses. Stay tuned. Until then, steady nerves!