December 11, 2017

No Kids Trending

Recently has been getting pounded with traffic, an uptick that prompted me to poke around in search of answers.

What are people searching for? Are they finding what they’re looking for? What “sticky content” are we offering visitors to Why No Kids?

Why No Kids? logo on Facebook and Twitter

Why No Kids? logo on Facebook and Twitter

Combing through our stats (analytics) and tickling Google’s ivories has offered afew hints. For example, the term “no kids” seems to be driving the surge. But why? Is it possible that suddenly there’s an upward trend in couples considering a childfree lifestyle? Perhaps. Or perhaps there’s something else happening. What do YOU think?

I’m reserving judgment for the time being. It’s exciting. It’s encouraging. But it’s premature to determine why is experiencing a dramatic increase in readers.

That said, I know that our readers are responsible for spreading the word, so it’s time to thank you. All of you! You’ve encouraged and prodded and joined Why No Kids? conversations on Facebook and tweeted up a storm with Why No Kids? on Twitter. You’ve emailed posts and emailed us suggestions. In some cases you’ve even emailed us guest posts. You’ve joined the conversation about why not to have kids (and even–in some notable exceptions–why to have kids), and this conversation is what fascinates us. The four bloggers who founded Why No Kids? have chosen childfree lives, childfree marriages, but we don’t preach. We encourage breeders (I know, it’s a loaded term, but sooo catchy!) to participate in conversation. Bring on the debate. Bring on the disagreement. But bring on the civility, and bring on the levity.

Life’s too short to anger and alienate over personal decisions of childbearing. But the Why No Kids? crew firmly believes that ongoing, informed conversation about whether or not to breed stands to improve the lot for all of us!

About virtualDavis

G.G. Davis, Jr. (aka virtualDavis) is a writer, storyteller, unabashed flâneur and eager-beaver uncle. Despite two whiz-bang nieces, two superstar nephews, and rewarding teaching/coaching stints at the American School of Paris and Santa Fe Preparatory School, he remains willingly, enthusiastically and happily childfree. His WNK posts are part of an ongoing attempt to understand why. Rosslyn Redux, a transmedia chronicle about rehabilitating an historic property in the Adirondacks, offers a more ironic twist on his childfree adventure. He also blogs at and Connect with G.G. Davis, Jr. via Twitter, Facebook or Google+.


  1. This is fantastic! I have scoured the web for a site like that, and I’m glad to find it and the site is powered by childfree people…instead of breeders (love the term). I do believe more people are opting out of parenthood, and even for my Gen-X generation….we think parenthood is unglamorous, expensive and totally regressive. Everybody I know who is graduating high school or in university says the same thing I do: they want pets, they want to spend their days traveling the world, getting second degrees and shopping instead of buying the obligatory large house, getting married and having 2.5 children. I’m 22, and I’ve been vocal about childfreedom because many women don’t understand it’s a CHOICE not a life path they must go down.

    I’ll be checking out your website and recommending it to the 133 Childfree people on my Facebook! I also have a childfree blog and enjoying reading others!


  2. Thanks for your super comment! Does the motivation/psyche good to receive such generous accolades from our readers. Also enjoyed checking out your blog, especially the page on childfreedom. Thanks for recommending Why No Kids? to your friends, and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Think about a guest blog post! 🙂

  3. Nice vlog Geo!

  4. A guest post sounds flattering. Thank you for reading my blog. Everybody loves this site!


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