February 7, 2018


Thankful for sunsets in Costa Rica

There are many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and being child-free is just one of them…well maybe more than one.

1. I am thankful that I live in a time and a place that doesn’t require that I reproduce to fit into society.

2. I am thankful that my husband also believes that having children is a choice. And grateful that he chooses not to have children.

3. I am thankful for my godchildren. I am grateful for my friends and family who have children and share them with me. And for the friends and family who understand that I don’t want children but love and support me anyway.

4. I am grateful for children and the influence they have on my art and my writing.

5. I am grateful that my choice not to have children has given me many opportunities that include travel, and time to create art.

6. I am grateful for my health and the heath of loved ones and their children.

7. I am grateful that I have the freedom to express my opinion. And I am grateful when others chime in.

8. I am grateful that I have choices.

9. I am grateful that I have love in my life.

10. I am grateful that my life and family is complete without children. And I am thankful that I am child-free.


  1. virtualDavis says:

    Sensational post, Amy… What SHE said!

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