December 11, 2017

Travel for Couples Without Kids?

Couples Withouth Kids: CWK trips

Couples Without Kids: CWK trips

Back in early 2011, my husband and I started a social networking group in Boston called Couples Without Kids (our friends with children “affectionately” referred to the group as “Couples Who Hate Kids”).  We actually really like (some) children but had determined that we did not want them for ourselves.  As we were getting into our 30’s and 40’s, we found that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find other couples who didn’t have children.

Couples Without Kids

Our concept for the meetup group was that it would be a social networking group only – not a support group.  We weren’t looking to have intimate discussions about our reasons for being childfree, we just wanted to meet some nice people who could go out for drinks or meet for dinner on a moment’s notice.  How tired are you of making plans 3 months in advance only to have it cancelled because Billy’s got the Hershey squirts?  We like being able to call a CWK couple at 7 because we need a replacement at 8 for our trivia contest at the local bar (and we all know trivia + cocktails = fun).

Couples Without Kids Trips

Over the course of the past year, we’ve met many wonderful couples without kids and found one common interest (among many) was the love of traveling.  I’ve traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond.  Therefore, early in 2012, I partnered with Travel Concepts, a well-established American Express Travel company, to launch a new business called “Couples Without Kids Trips”.  The concept is to offer unique, personalized experiences for childfree adults.

We offer two kinds of services – Organized Group Trips for childfree couples as well as Personalized Trips for childfree couples and adults (small groups, singles, honeymooners and “empty nesters”).   Instead of “family-friendly” destinations, we are specialists in adult-only vacations and finding destinations and excursions which cater to childfree adults.

A client recently asked me about the possibility of scheduling them on a childfree flight.  Although we can’t make miracles like this happen (yet), we do our best to cater to our childfree travelers.  For a humorous look at childfree travel, check out this video from DINKLife.  For more information about CWK Trips, please visit our website at  If you “like” us on Facebook, you’ll receive updates about upcoming trips and promotions.



  1. This is a cool concept! Thanks very much for the pingback. I was just traveling over the weekend and kept getting wacked in the knees by some kids in the security line, so the idea of a CF vacation is pure bliss.

  2.  Hi Aurora, thank you for nice comment. I’m hoping this business will take off – it’s about time someone specialized in something for our demographic! Also, I checked out your website today and it’s hilarious! I look forward to reading more of your posts. 

  3. You represent yourself as if having kids is a bad thing. It’s a choice and not all parents are terrible, likewise not all childless couples are good people. Pulling off the “miracle” (as you call it) of having a child-free flight would be great if you could also accomplish screening the flight for the rude, obnoxious, unbathed, or walking pneumonia population as well. Does that population wear the same badge of being annoying as a child does? At least the kid has an excuse! I am a mother of 2 and was looking to take a vacation with my husband without my kids (yes, believe it or not I do travel and see other things). Knowing the stress of having children merits some one on one time with my husband, I started to look around for vacation destinations that are for adults only and stumbled on your sight (which was the only non-SWINGERS type site, so you have something going for you there). You seem so anti-kid that I am not going to visit your site again. You don’t have to be a hater to enjoy an adult vacation. Contrary to what you and your followers may think… life in of itself is a “miracle” in a child or adult form. Not sure if miracle belongs anywhere near achieving a childless flight scenario.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. And thanks also for passing along this roundabout complement: “which was the only non-SWINGERS type site, so you have something going for you there”. Bravo, us! 😉

    You raise some interesting questions, and you draw some provocative conclusions. In short, annoyance is annoyance, whether cloaked in the behaviors of a kid or an aging, obnoxious germ spreader. Tolerance is king! Or queen?

    But I just want to be clear about a few things. Why No Kids is not anti-kid. We do not tout a childfree activist agenda, nor are we kid haters, to borrow your term.

    Quite the contrary. We’re kid fans! And most of the authors you’ll read on this blog have profound and enduring relationships with children (nieces, nephews, godchildren, students, mentees, etc.) I’m sorry that you’ve misunderstood our intent and tone which is simply to explore and celebrate the richness of the childfree choice in a space that is not drowned out by preachy parents. Which, believe it or not, they often are. Rather then perennially defending our choices to those who feel it their duty to question our judgment, our ethics, etc. we share information and resources and anecdotes that we value and – sometimes – that make us laugh. Laughter, after all, IS a sort of everyday miracle, and I for one consider it a useful analgesic. 🙂

    In any event, hope you find the childfree holiday destination you’re looking for. And if you decide to swing by for another visit, rest assured that we publish inspiring posts from parents too, sometimes dealing with exactly the topic you’ve described: happy but weary parents looking for a little childfree romance. Or at least R&R.


  5. Sounds like sour apples to me

  6. I don’t think you understand the word miracle. It is, by definition, “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural
    or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a
    divine agency.” Life in and of itself is hardly a miracle. Humans alone produce over 250,000 new human every day, thereby making birth/life the opposite of a surprising even not explicable by natural or scientific laws.

    I don’t find this site to be against children. I’m curious what you’d expect from a site that is talking about a childfree existence. You seem to be interpreting the site negatively and are taking things a bit too much to heart, which is usually what people do when they are insecure with themselves and their choices.

  7. heather_morr says:

    Wish we had this near my husband and I. Its a great idea!

  8. Banner – thank you for the existential definition of a miracle. I think my years of wisdom rooted in Christianity may speak otherwise, still, I appreciate your enlightenment. I am hardly insecure, but it seems I have touched a nerve with you and you seem to be throwing insults around. Share that with your 1 follower or your horse.

  9. Huh, I didn’t know that your experience with your invisible friend gave you the ability to redefine words to suit your fancy. Wow, religion IS powerful!

    Really? You’re judging me on how many followers I have on Discus? Oh no, I’d better spent more time on the computer so I can get more faceless followers and therefore my opinion will be more valuable in the world of the interwebs! I feel so worthless with only one follower!!! Oh woe is me!

    And nice job trying to turn my “insults” around on me. That’s so incredibly creative of you.

  10. LittleKnives says:

    Wisdom and Christianity cannot coincide.

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