December 6, 2023

About Why No Kids?

“But you have to have children, you have to! You’d be such great parents…”

“Well, what if everybody decided not to have kids, then where would we be?”

“No kids? Oh, you’ll regret it when you’re old!”

Why No Kids?About Why No Kids?

We’re married, childless/childfree and happy. Really! And yet, we find ourselves explaining again and again that it’s a choice, not an affliction. In fact, judging from the number of parents who grumble to us about parenting, we wonder if it’s a choice that more married couples should make. Not because we dislike kids; we love them. (Check out our bios to learn more about us.)

Why No Kids? is a place to explore the childless married lifestyle. Sometimes our posts are goofy or tongue-in-cheek. Other times they’re ruminations on the pros and cons of creating a family with children or critical looks at the impact (emotional, romantic, financial, environmental, lifestyle, etc.) of children on marriage. This website is an open conversation not a manifesto. We invite you to jump in and laugh, vent, disagree. Share your experience! Thank you.

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We publish guest posts on the Why No Kids? blog from our readers to diversify the dialogue and cross-pollinate the conversation. We accept op-eds, essays and humor up to 1,000 words. We also consider images, videos and audio recordings. All submissions must be your original work. If you want to join the conversation (and submitting comments isn’t sufficient), we encourage you to submit your post (or idea). For more details please get in touch.

And we always welcome to your opinions on the Why No Kids? Facebook page and the Why No Kids? Twitter steam. Many of our most popular posts grew out of Facebook and Twitter exchanges! Let us know what you think.

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Thanks for Reading Why No Kids?

Why No Kids? was launched for goofy fun with limited long term vision. But your support and encouragement motivated us to continue developing the blog/community. Thanks for turning a goofy idea into a thriving, supportive and FUN childfree community.