September 21, 2023


For the moments (however permanent or fleeting) when people wonder if they should have kids, or why they did.

Why No Kids? is for DINKS, SINKS, parents, environmentalists and everyone in between.

It is a forum for probing questions, personal stories, fantasies, opinions andexpertise. It is a place to explore if, when and why one should have babies.

Why No Kids?By providing original content, multiple points of view, and a collection of intriguing blogs, studies, reviews, and news, we hope to explore the costs and benefits of bringing children into the world.

How does that CHOICE affect our environment, our relationships, families and society? What about economics, household finances, consumption and psychology? How does having children change our vacations, habits, hobbies and sexual practices (or lack thereof!)?

As childfree families in our late thirties and mid-forties, we are reminded regularly that our choice is unique and that it inspires concern, confusion and intrigue. So Why No Kids? is also a not-so-serious site to post our answers to the questions “When?”, “Why not?”, “Won’t you regret it?”, “Why are you married?” and “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Of the four site founders, three have professional teaching experience. Three have been youth sports coaches. One is a CFES high school mentor. Three are honored and excited to be godparents. One is an aunt. One is an uncle. One is a best-selling children’s book author. In short, we love kids! They make our lives richer and happier.

Although we celebrate our own childfree lives, our friends and our families, we do not wish to promote a particular lifestyle or ideology. We welcome all contributors to the conversation and all points of view. Join us, chide us, pity or envy us.