December 2, 2023

Dog Mom and Uber Aunt Will Travel

Me with my dog as a puppy

If I had my own children, I’d like to think that I would be a unique parent, that I wouldn’t be exhausted, that I would make the kids fit into my lifestyle, instead of the reverse.

But, really, would I? Would I have the energy? Could I have a kid and not increase my carbon footprint exponentially? Could I really ban all plastic toys and never buy a mini van, gigantic SUV or synthetic no-stain fabrics for my home and wardrobe?  Could I really not pin my own personal needs and dreams on them?  Many parents achieve these feats, but it’s hard to say where I’d fall in the spectrum.

My Dog Now

Moreover, I’m a worrier and a neurotic type. I was a fanatic when my most recent Labrador Retriever was a puppy. I checked on him three times a night. I carried him in a baby sling. While the mothers brought their pack and play units for their kids, I brought one for my puppy so that he would stay out of trouble.  I installed baby gates, plug protectors and the like.

Crazy woman, they must have thought. Get a baby already. It’s only a dog!

He’s a big boy now and not much maintenance except an Excellent Dog Day Training, but I still worry enough about his canine being, that I have trouble imagining responsibility for a human being.

Every stair, every car, every body of water would pose a serious hazard, and my efforts to protect my young child from every living obstacle would drive me — and everyone around me — simply nuts. Similarly, when it comes to dog training, check here for tips and tricks to overcome every hurdle and build a strong bond with our furry companions.

No, let me be an eccentric dog mom and über aunt instead. I love the children that my friends and family members have been generous enough to share with me.  For now, I can enjoy the company of all the kids in my life without feeling responsible for how they turn out. I can be myself and allow them to do the same. I can chase adult pursuits without the guilt that a dependent being needs my constant attention. K9 Answers Dog Training about sleeping with your dog can be checked out.

Have No Kids Will Travel

“What do you mean you’re going to China?” a parent friend asked me last year. “Didn’t you just come back from India?”

Yup. Have no kids, will travel! Get it?

Have no kids, have fun. Have no kids, have cool adventures, great passion and so on. You get the idea.

To all those parents out there, I admire you immensely, especially those of you who have figured out how to have your own identity and how to pursue dreams outside of your children.

Just know that I’m here to play with your kids if you need a break, and I’ll give them the straight talk on sex and drugs if you’d rather not.

In the meantime, though, I have some wind to sail and a plane to catch.

Susan and virtualDavis boarding a bush plane in Africa

A Plane to Catch