December 6, 2023

Deadbeat Dad with Thirty Kids

I love my deadbeat dad!

I love my deadbeat dad!

Is Desmond Hatchett is a deadbeat dad or just a really good reminder why more people should remain childfree?

This 33-year-old Knoxville, Tennessee man has fathered (and I use the term loosely) thirty children by eleven different mothers in 14-15 years. Although he’s offered an explanation — “I had four kids in the same year. Twice.” — his rationale is lacking. In 2009 when he was apparently last in court he had 21 children, so he’s fathered nine more children in the last three years despite agreeing to curb his uber breeder ways.

‘I’m done. I’ll say I’m done,’ he said. (Mail Online)

Unable to fulfill his pledge, Hatchett is also now unable to fulfill his child support obligations he’s turned to the state for help.

Hatchett reportedly asked the court to give him a break on his payments, claiming that he’s struggling to make ends meet with his minimum-wage job. Currently, the state requires him to divide 50 percent of his earnings among the 11 women, some of whom receive as little as $1.49 a month, WREG reports. (Huffington Post)

Outrageous. What was he thinking? What is he thinking?

“I didn’t intend to have this many children,” he told WVLT-TV at the time. “It just happened.” (NY Daily News)

Oh, he wasn’t thinking. And apparently the mothers of these thirty children weren’t thinking either. Getting pregnant is pretty old science at this point. One man. One woman. Unprotected copulation. Not too many mysteries.

Or are we to believe that all thirty mini Hatchetts were Ooops! babies. Steep learning curve.

And one last question in a post full of questions: who’s going to teach those mini Hatchetts that they have a childfree option when they grow up? Their parents?